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3rd Congressional District Candidate
Longtime Nevadan
Distinguished doctor
Respected community leader
Dedicated wife and loving mother
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College Campuses - Gun Free Zones?
Gun Free Zones on college campuses are really Target Rich Homicide Zones for Evil. Demand Weapons Training requirement on all campuses like Switzerland and we might give innocent students the tools to survive.

l was stalked in college and knew weapons were not an option for self-defense on campus. Luckily my stalker was dissuaded through hyper-vigilance on my part and because he was not a violent criminal. Today 16 people were not so lucky (9 innocent lives lost, 7 others wounded).

Our prayers go out for all their families.
Iran Deal Was Not A Deal
Annette on Ralston Live
September 11th
On September 11th, we remember the victims of 9/11 fourteen years ago. My prayers are with their families on this solemn day. I thank First responders, law enforcement, fire fighters who risk their lives daily in emergency situations. And let's never forget our military men and women who continue to fight the War on Terror. They all keep us safe, protect us from threats and uphold our U.S. Constitution.

Thank you and God bless America!
Annette Teijeiro Announces!
Annette has announced her intention to seek the 3rd Congressional District Seat!

Annette Teijeiro for Congress
P.O. Box 93953 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89193
Phone: 702.837.3538 | Email: info@annetteteijeiro.com
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