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Annette Teijeiro, M.D. | Proven Leadership
Experience we can count on. Commitment we can trust.
Because she is a proven and decisive community leader, it is very important to support Annette Teijeiro for Congressional District 3. She grew up in Southern Nevada, worked in Nevada and went to undergraduate school in Nevada. After becoming a doctor she returned to serve us in Nevada. She is one if us! Annette is a fiscal conservative who has worked in the private sector as a business owner, a medical professional with experience working on medical legislation, and an educator who understands what reforms need to take place.
Health Care
As someone who has been a longtime community leader in the medical field with substantial experience reviewing proposals before they become state laws, Annette has the best experience to navigate the pending legislative nightmare caused by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). She will fight to ensure people's lives are placed before the politics already associated with the most intrusive legislation in history, until it can be overturned or overhauled.
Our veterans pledged their life to uphold our US Constitution and sacrificed life and limb to afford us safety and freedom in our homeland. We owe them a debt of gratitude. Annette wants to improve the maze of obstacles Veterans endure in silence. We need to keep our promise to them and not place them at the back of the line.  
We the People, all of us, should have the freedom to decide how much we can save for our future financial freedom because it is so important that our families be able to make ends meet today and into the future. With HR25 we can accomplish this goal and create more jobs & income. We should determine our Rainy day funds, our future retirement and our children's education instead of bureaucrats deciding how much we pay in taxes. With financial freedom our children's futures can be secure with many more opportunities.
As someone who has managed small medical practices as well as overseen large departments in the private sector, Annette understands the critical needs facing businesses, the importance of a low tax base, and the benefits of economic diversity. She will fight against uncontrolled government growth, against reactive tax increases, and propose economic initiatives and solutions to diversify the economy, attract new businesses, and put Nevadans to work.
Annette has personally experienced the impact immigration has on families. She understands the system we currently have is not working for our national security or our economy. Her father had to flee to the United States because the Castro regime didn't want their corruption exposed. She met her paternal grandparents and aunt at the age of 5 when they arrived from Spain because of Cuba's totalitarian regime that stripped them of almost all their hard earned possessions.
Annette's family moved to Nevada over 39 years ago and she graduated with honors from Bishop Gorman High School before choosing to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. She not only remembers what it was like when Nevada had a better education system, but she also has worked as an educator within the system. Fixing education is critical to attracting new businesses to Nevada.
"We need a Nevadan who can get the job done in Congress and return the country to its position as one of the most promising in the world. Only Annette Teijeiro measures up."  

Annette Teijeiro for Congress
P.O. Box 93953 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89193
Phone: 702.837.3538 | Email: info@annetteteijeiro.com
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